Upcoming events



  • APRIL: Conduct the survey in sonepat
    Objective: To identify the special children and convey the importance of special education to the parents.
  • MAY: Conduct the summer camp in school for special children [In the 1st week of summer vacations]
    Objective: To give them the input of personal and self help skills so that they can be independent in self help skills during summer vacations.
  • AUG.: Celebrations; Janmashtami Independence Day
    Objective: To give the practical exposure and importance of these of these festivals in our country and culture to the students.
  • SEP: 1. Advance Coaches Training Programme of GMS[Game Management System] camp Organizing Institute – Special Olympic Bharat. Objective: To get the knowledge about data entries related to organizing sports.
    2. 1st term revaluations – special wing Quarterly exams – Class Pre nur. – V
    Objective: To check the progress of the students.
    3. Teaher’s Day Celebration
    Objective: To hounor the teachers for their good and noble work towards children and society.
  • NOV.: Exhibition and sale of stuff made by children in school premises and in govt. school Biswmeel.
    Objective: To make the society understand need of differently abled children.
  • DEC.: X-MAS Celebration
    2. 2nd term revaluations - Special Wing
    Half Yearly Exams - Class Pre nur. To V
    Objective: To describe the relevance this festival to the students by giving them practical exposure of x-mas celebration.
  • JAN: Rebublic Day Celebration
    Organizing responsibility - Adm. Distt. Sonepat
    Objective: To develop the feeling of patriotism in the children.
  • FEB: Celebration of Basant Panchmi.
    Objective: To give the concept about Goddess of music and knowledge Saraswati.
  • MARCH: 1. Holi Celebration
    Objective: To align children with cultural ethos
    2. Annual Day Celebration
    Objective: To build the self confidence in children so that they could Interact with people in day – to – day life to fulfill their needs.
    3. 3rd trem revaluations - Special Wing
    Annual Exams - Class Pre nur. To V.